Year 1

Year 2 

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 

Year 6 

Autumn 1

1A:  Animals

2A: Your World, My World

3A: Incredible Egyptians

4A: Dealing with Conflict and anger


Religions in Britain

6A: Buddhism

Autumn 2

1B:  Seasons

2B: World War 1

3B: Heroes of Islam and World War 1

4B: Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle


Countries belonged to the British Empire

6B: History of Football

Spring 1

1C: Ourselves

2C: Victorians

3C: My City

4C: Famous Inventors / Great Inventions


Queen Victoria and life during her time reign

6C: Dinosaurs

Spring 2

1D: Africa - Geographical

2D: Climates

3D: Sea Life

4D: World War 1


Victorian Education.

Compare and contrast

6D:  Spain Present and Past

Summer 1

1E: Transport through the ages

2E: Homes – Then and Now (Bham)

3E: Africa: It’s culture and people

4E: Sikhism


World War 1/ 2

6E: Romans

Summer 2

1F: Charity: Where does it go?

2F: Christianity -

3F: Road Safety

4F: The Best Women ( Khadeejah, Aasiyah, Maryam and Faatimah)


Changes to Britain after the war


How does Parliament work?