Please be advised that if it is necessary to close the school due to adverse weather conditions,

a whatsapp text message will be sent to all parents and a notification will be posted on the school website.

End of Term - School closes on Friday 22nd December

Return to school Tuesday 9th January


Year 6 – Secondary School Admissions DEADLINE: 31ST OCTOBER 2017

We would urge all parents of pupils in Year 6 to start thinking of the secondary schools that they would like to consider for their child. The application process is now on-line. Please visit the link above, where you will be asked to fill in an online form with up to six choices of schools. You can also view the Secondary Schools Education booklet 2017 on the same website.

All Year 6 children have been given information on Open evenings and days of local secondary schools.

Please do not miss the deadline, which is October 31st 2017.

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New Staff 2017-18

We welcome the following new members of staff this term:

Year 3: Mrs Shamim

Year 4B: Mrs Ambreen

Year 3 TA: Ms Madeiha

Year 4A: Mr. Abdul Haq

Reception Class Teacher: Mrs Khadeja

We wish them a long and happy time at the Wisdom Academy

The current set-up for all classes is as follows:

Reception : Mrs Khadeja and Sister Emaan

Year 1: Umm Umair and Hiba

Year2: Umm Ahmed and Madeiha

Year 3: Mrs Shamim and Saadia

Year 4A: Mr Abdul Haq

Year 4B: Ms Ambreen

Year 5: Ms Maryam

Year 6: Mrs Garnier and Mr. Maniam

May 2017 - Visit from our partner school 

Nethersole Primary - A truly enjoyable day of fun activities for all involved!

New School Library Bus - April 2017

Welcome Aboard the new Library Bus - A fantastic new addition - all of our children have

been well excited about our new Library Bus, which arrived in the last week of April.
The new bus will serve as a library, ICT suite and a classroom for small groups.


East Africa Drought Appeal April 2017

The Wisdom Academy help raise money for East Africa Drought Appeal. The worst drought in over half a century has hit parts of East Africa affecting more than 10 million people. Thousands of families have travelled for days in search of water across scorched scrubland, including barefoot children with no provisions after their crops and livestock were destroyed by drought.

A big well done to all our staff, pupils and parents who managed to raise over £1125 for the East Africa Drought Appeal 


Director's Welcome

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh

On behalf of The Wisdom Academy I have the pleasure to welcome you to our school website. In light of the prophet's statement "whenever you perform any action, you should perform  it perfectly and accomplish it in the best of form".  The school's aims are to promote ethical and academic excellence in a caring and  secure Islamic environment, offer quality education academically and islamically and endorse excellent manners and positive integration with the society.

By providing a well structured, balanced and engaging curriculum, and by endorsing excellent manners through our Behaviour Policy and Rewarding System, we aim to encourage in all children the love of learning as well as the respect and care for one another.



Headteacher's Welcome

Assalam Alaikum WaRahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

It gives me great pleasure as the headteacher of The Wisdom Academy to extend a very warm welcome to all parents and prospective parents of our school.

The Wisdom Academy is a model faith school adhering to the teachings of Islam and was first established in 2008 as a result of local demand. The Wisdom Academy





What Ofsted said about us in the latest Inspection (Sept 2016)

"The curriculum is appropriately broad and balanced. It has recently been reviewed with a view to

providing additional teaching time for writing to address weaker progress in this area. Pupils study

a range of subjects, including Arabic, history, geography, science, physical education, information

technology, personal, social and health education, and art. The curriculum is further enhanced through

educational visits to a range of British institutions and regular cultural days."


"Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good because pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to

experience and understand the cultures and beliefs of others. For example, in a Year 4 lesson where the teacher was leading a

discussion about what makes a ‘good’ person, pupils were supported to articulate their views.

They explained with confidence that it is actions, not beliefs that identify ‘goodness’.

"Pupils take pride in their work, including presentation. They are

keen to share what they have learned and experienced with

visitors and are clearly proud of their school and their achievements.

Click here for full report