Monday 5th June - Friday 16th June - Normal School Hours

Monday 19th - Tuesday 27th June - End of Ramadhan and Eid Holidays

Wednesday 28th June - Children return to school 

Thursday 29th June  Eid Parties, Bouncy castle and Non Uniform Day

Monday 3rd July - School Closed - Teacher Training Day

Wednesday 12th July - Revised Day for Parents' Evening 2-5pm

Friday 21st July - Last Day of the Academic Year

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Visit from our partner School: Netherstone Primary: May 2017

Google Expeditions comes to The Wisdom Academy: April 27th 2017

We were lucky enough to welcome Sue Webster from Google into The Wisdom Academy to work with our Junior children. With the use of virtual reality headsets and devices loaded with the ‘Google Expeditions’ app, the children explored places beyond reach of our classrooms and local area. The Google Expeditions provide collections of virtual reality panoramas – 360° photo spheres and 3D images.


Our New Library Bus: April 24th 2017

Welcome Aboard the new Library Bus - A  fantastic new addition - all of our children have

been well excited about our new Library Bus, which arrived in the last week of April.

The new bus will serve as a library, ICT suite and a classroom for small groups.

School Bus 2017

Helping Our Neighbours

April 2017 - Some of our children giving out gifts to our Champion neighbours, who assisted us

in helping 'Keeping our streets clean' project

Charity Week 24th-28th October 2016

Inspiring hearts and minds to come together and unite to help unfortunate children worldwide!

One Week. One Cause. All the Difference!

Charity week saw our children selling cakes, cookies, all sorts of jumble sale items, toys, books and almost anything else they could get their hands on. There was also a gadgets day and a fancy dress competition. We had a target to beat our total from last year, which was £328 in one week.

After the great effort from everyone, our children managed to raise a staggering £705.17! in just five days!

Well done!


A Special thanks to everyone who helped out, donated items, cakes, helped at the stalls and a special thank you to Mrs Garnier for all her help in making this a success!

Visit from our local Fire safety team who will be running a Fire Safety workshop with Year 4 - Tuesday 11th October 2016

Visit from the Armed Forces - July 2016

We were delighted to receive a visit from Commander Mohammed who visited us in July and will be bringing the Navy and Air force team to our school in October. key Stage 2 children had lots of questions to ask him

June 2016

Year 5 and 6 ran elections and campaigns discussing the pros and cons of britain remaining or leaving the EU


 World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016 

All pupils are requested to come to school on that day dressed as their favourite book character

Click here to see what the World Book Day is about

Thanks to National Book Tokens and lots of lovely book publishers and booksellers,

World Book Day will be distributing £1 World Book Day book tokens to childre.

British Science Week - Starting 14th March 2016 

Click here to see what British Science Week is all about

The school will be arranging a trip to the Big Bang - UK Young Scientists Fair at the NEC

Click here to see what The Big Bang Scientists Fair is all about

Past Events

Orphans in Need Charity Day

Thursday 21st January 2016

Our pupils came together to collect money for Orphans in need on a cold Windy Day.

Children filled up their money boxes with donations from familyand friends,

we were especially impressed with some pupils who donated all of their pocket money to this noble cause. Well done!

France Day

See more pictures on the Year 5 class page

Charity Week Awards Ceremony and Dinner

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Pupils from The Wisdom Academy were invited to the Midlands round-up dinner for this year’s Charity Week.

Our pupils raised money for the poor families and orphans of Burma and Africa.

Pupils really benefitted from learning about how the money that was raised is used to help these poor families.

It was an evening full of inspiration, poetry, competitions, awards and an amazing three course meal!

Our school was nominated for the Best Newcomer and also won the award for the Best Cake!

Charity Week - One Week, One Cause, All the Difference


Anti-Bullying Week - 16-20th November 2015

Theme: 'Make a no!se about bullying'.Looking at Cyberbullying and E-Safety.

Click here for useful resources

Our visit to the Foodbank | November 2015

Pupils from The Wisdom academy collected food for our local foodbank and then visited the foodbank to see what happens to the food that we donate to the foodbank.

The children were given a tour of the warehouse and also learned about the process of people coming into the foodbank

and how the foodbank helps them.



Visit to Our local Salvation Army

Who are the Salvation Army? How were they set up? What do they do?  How do they help the community?

How can we help our community? These were some of the discussions that we had with the friendly staff at our local

Salvation Army office.A team of children from Year 4, 5 and 6 visited the local Salvation Army office ( Nechells) to find out


Visit from U3A Exploring World Faiths: Dr. Peter Rookes & Mrs Jean Rookes  & Team | 10th November 2015

We were visited by a delegation of ten members from different faith backgrounds, who came to ‘explore world faiths.’ Our visitors spent some time in every class, talking to our children, took part in a short assembly where there was a fruitful discussion about different faiths and the children were given opportunities to express their faith through poems, nasheeds, stories and own accounts.

The visitors also observed the afternoon prayer, with an explanation of what was being recited at hand. The day concluded with a chat with the Headteacher.

The visitors commented:

“Your children are so well behaved and very courteous”

“We have been so well looked after and the school council have been absolutely amazing in answering our questions, your children are very confident”

Our children learned about different faiths and what we have in common in exploring human values and how we can all work together.


The Great Par-tea and Cake Sale - Friday 6th November 2015

We would like to thank all those involved in our community Tea and Cake sale, it was wonderful to

see members of our community joining us over a cuppa tea and cake.

A big well done to everyone, we managed to raise £272 for Charity Week!

Birmingham - Free Cyclying Courses and activities

click here for full details

British Values and PREVENT Parents' Workshop

Friday 16th October 2015 3:30pm

We would like to invite all parents from Key Stage 1 to discuss important issues related

to the duties of our school and Parents duties.

Please register yourattendance with the school office.

Key Stage 2 Parents' Meeting will be held the following Friday

Friday 23rd October 2015 3:30pm

5-16th October we will focus on learning about Black History.

Through celebrating black achievement and black history, the children will have the opportunity to understand the huge contributions made to the world we live in by men and woman who have often had to overcome barriers of prejudice and discrimination. This history of our diversity is important to acknowledge and celebrate and it gives context, relevance and meaning to the cultures that represent modern Britain.

The theme of the special week is ‘Carnival’. This will give the children a chance to fully immerse themselves into a different culture. They will learn about the celebration and tradition of Carnival from across the globe. Children will complete a range of activities including designing carnival costumes, making masks, learning about Caribbean culture, listening to traditional tales from Africa and the Caribbean and many more exciting activities.

In addition to the Carnival theme, each class will learn about a famous black person to further illustrate the achievements of significant people from Black History.

We have a range of people from across the globe, who each have made a contribution to history.

Harvest Week 5th-9th Oct 2015

Our school will collect food for St Matthew’s Church and the local home for the elderly.  Please encourage children to bring food for a school hamper by 9th October 2015. Children can choose from below:

- Long life Whole milk - Spaghetti (Tinned) - Long life juice - Spread (E.g. Jam) - Cup A Soup/Noodles - Long life milk - Rice pudding (Tinned) - Vegetables (Tinned) - Biscuits - Fruit (Tinned) - Tuna (Tinned) - Baked Beans (Tinned) - Breakfast Cereal - Dried Rice - Pasta sauce - Tea bags - Soup (tinned) - Sugar - Meat (Tinned) - Tomatoes (Tinned) - Dried Pasta

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

  • To understand the importance of Harvest
  • To understand how we can support those who are in need
  • To promote collaborative partnerships with the local community
  • To develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them
  • To develop their use of imagination and creativity in their learning


The school  is using a classroom reward system called Classdojo. This is a very effective way teachers record behaviour points for all pupils as well as details of sanctions. Classdojo shows all records of when pupils answer questions in class, help others, contribute and work hard, show good manners as well as when pupils miss homework, disrupt the lesson or are not working as hard as they can.

Parents will be very happy to learn that they can access the classdojo information about their child.  In order for the class teacher to be able to register the parents account, we will need your e-mail address, this can be passed onto your child’s class teacher. All instructions will be then sent to your email.

Please do take part in this initiative, as we have found that pupils work harder and behave even better when they know that their parents are taking a keen interest!


Online Homework and New Curriculum

As you will be aware the school has adopted the New Curriculum this year, this means that there are lots of changes in what our children will be learning. All the information of what each class is learning for the whole year is now available on the school website under the Curriculum menu.

As part of the new schemes, children will be issued homework which will need to be done online. Every pupil will be given a username, password and school code to login to their account.

Teachers will set homework, which is automatically sent to the child’s account screen. Teachers and parents can then login to check the child’s progress and whether homework has been completed.

We hope that parents will work with us to ensure a smooth implementation of this new scheme.

ICT / e-safety workshop

The school is arranging a very important parent workshop, where we will be discussing important issues relating to internet safety, we would like to urge all parents to attend this workshop, we hope to have 2 or 3 sessions, and will keep parents informed of the developments and upcoming dates.

The workshop will also be include how parents can check their children’ s progress and homework online.



Director's Welcome

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh

On behalf of The Wisdom Academy I have the pleasure to welcome you to our school website. In light of the prophet's statement "whenever you perform any action, you should perform  it perfectly and accomplish it in the best of form".  The school's aims are to promote ethical and academic excellence in a caring and  secure Islamic environment, offer quality education academically and islamically and endorse excellent manners and positive integration with the society.

By providing a well structured, balanced and engaging curriculum, and by endorsing excellent manners through our Behaviour Policy and Rewarding System, we aim to encourage in all children the love of learning as well as the respect and care for one another.



Headteacher's Welcome

Assalam Alaikum WaRahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

It gives me great pleasure as the headteacher of The Wisdom Academy to extend a very warm welcome to all parents and prospective parents of our school.

The Wisdom Academy is a model faith school adhering to the teachings of Islam and was first established in 2008 as a result of local demand. The Wisdom Academy





What Ofsted said about us in the latest Inspection (Sept 2016)

"The curriculum is appropriately broad and balanced. It has recently been reviewed with a view to

providing additional teaching time for writing to address weaker progress in this area. Pupils study

a range of subjects, including Arabic, history, geography, science, physical education, information

technology, personal, social and health education, and art. The curriculum is further enhanced through

educational visits to a range of British institutions and regular cultural days."


"Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good because pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to

experience and understand the cultures and beliefs of others. For example, in a Year 4 lesson where the teacher was leading a

discussion about what makes a ‘good’ person, pupils were supported to articulate their views.

They explained with confidence that it is actions, not beliefs that identify ‘goodness’.

"Pupils take pride in their work, including presentation. They are

keen to share what they have learned and experienced with

visitors and are clearly proud of their school and their achievements.

Click here for full report