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School Uniform

It is The Wisdom Academy’s policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when

participating in a school-organised events outside normal school hours. Here is a description of the uniform your child needs to wear at The Wisdom Academy.

The Wisdom Academy uniform and the whole school attire takes into consideration the following:

· Conformity to the Islamic teachings

· Loose dress for both boys and girls

· Practical / comfortable

· Smart

· Colour is well co-ordinated


Please note: pupils’ wearing inappropriate clothing (in the absence of a note of explanation from a parent/guardian) will be asked to remove it. A parent will be asked to bring in appropriate clothing or a pupil may be sent home to change.

No jewellery or make up of any kind is to be worn in school.

Pupils’ should not have patterns or shapes cut into their hair, nor should they have dyed or bright hair colouring.

Boys Uniform

Black or grey trousers

White shirt or polo shirt (Key stage 2)

Royal Blue jumper with school logo

Royal Blue ‘V’ necked jumper ( Key stage 1 and Reception)

Black shoes (no trainers)

Boys PE Kit

Light blue shirt or polo shirt 

Black jogging bottoms

Black long sleeve top or plain black tracksuit top

Trainers or plimsolls

 Water bottle ( available from the school)

Girls Uniform

White Hijaab ( scarf)

Black/Navy blue Abbaaya (Skirt)

Royal Blue jumper ( Key stage 1 and Reception)

Royal blue cardigan/jumper ( Key Stage 2 )

Black shoes (no trainers)

Water bottle ( available from the school)

Girls PE Kit

Trainers or plimsolls

Black jogging bottoms

Royal Blue P.E top (upto the knees) – available from the school office

 Water bottle.

How to order

1. Go to https://myclothing.com/

2. Select your school ( The Wisdom Academy) from the list and you’ll see all the customized items you can buy ( at the moment, we have the school jumper with the new logo,cardigans for KS2 girls, polo shirts and school bags)

3. Choose the quantit and sizes you’d like, then add them to your basket.

4. Pay easily with a debit or credit card at the checkout.

5. Your items will be delivered within 14 days 



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