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Little Wonders Nursery

Welcome to Our Nursery

Wisdom Nursery

Welcome to The Wisdom Nursery

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Hello, what a wonderful day. Come in and join us, our nursery is a great place to learn through play.


Spaces Available for 2-5 Year olds | Tel: 0121 572 1447 | Email: admin@thewisdomacademy.co.uk


Education and development


Your child’s education and development


We recognise that every child is an individual and develops at their own pace.


We are registered with Ofsted and fully deliver to the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your child will be assigned a Key Person who will build a trusting relationship with you and your child as well as maintaining your child’s personal learning diary, so you’ll be regularly updated about your little ones development.

A variety of cultural events are also celebrated throughout the year. Each week, there is a new topic for each room, with fun activities organised, aimed to develop your child’s communication skills, creativity and confidence.

From time to time children also take part in various projects, trips out and local events, which enable them to learn about the arts, environment and the world they live in.

Learning environment

We know that learning through well planned and challenging play stimulates and encourages each child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development. The nursery environment will give your child the confidence to explore and learn. Children benefit from both the indoor and outside environment working with their peers, supported by a friendly and caring nursery team.

We work according to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is the first stage of the National Curriculum , and it is the same curriculum the children will later continue to follow at school. They can take our assessments with them when they start at school.

We focus on English language skills as we concentrate on building vocabulary every day.

Your child will be guided to kind and peaceful behaviour.

Family friendly atmosphere which values family and education and provides a harmonic and successful transition from home through to school and where family members have real importance.

We value your family tradition and culture whichever background you are from and support them to meet the aspirations you discuss with us.

It is our policy that during nursery time, staff members talk only with children and not to each other.

We take children outside every day in our large garden (please make sure they have outdoor clothing suitable for outdoor play).

We assess risk each day to ensure a safe and clean learning environment is in place.



Our Vision: To create a stimulating environment for children to learn and grow in confidence, where children love to read, take an active part in bettering our community, based upon strong Islamic values.


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