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Notes For Parents

Payment of fees/withdrawal and or change of status


Fees are collected in three equal sums each at the beginning of the every term.  Three months notice must be given in writing to the school if parents wish to withdraw a child , otherwise a whole terms fee will be payable. We also accept a monthly payment scheme for parents in certain circumstances

The school fee for the academic year 2019-20 are £2300.00 for the full academic year


The standard number

The standard number is the number of children the school can accommodate.  The standard number for our school is  three hundred and twenty pupils for the academic year  2019-20.  We keep this number under review and the trustees and proprietor will apply to the LEA to change the number if circumstances allow.


School Timing

Children enter school (Gates Open)                                    8.15am

Quran Class ( proficient reading programme )             8:15-9:00am ( Tuesday to Friday )

Assembly                                                                               8:40-9:00am – Monday

Registration                                                                          9:00am

Period 1                                                                                9.00am

Period 2                                                                                9.50am

Break                                                                                    10.35am

Period 3                                                                                 10.55am

Period 4                                                                                 11:45am

Lunch / Prayer break                                                            12.35pm

Period 5                                                                                 1:20pm

Period 6                                                                                 2:20pm

Reading ( whole school )                                                     3:05-3:25pm

End of school day                                                                 3.25pm

NB: The school ends at 12:00pm every Friday for the Jummah (Friday) Prayer.


Getting to School on Time

It is important that your child gets to school on time every morning. A useful tip might be

to allow an extra five minutes on top of the expected journey time. Children are not always

in the mood to hurry. This applies especially to children in the Reception Class and their

first year at school. The school operates a late book, where parents have to escort their child into the school and state their reason for lateness if they arrive after 9:05am. If lateness persists then a meeting is arranged with the head teacher to resolve the matter.

There is always a teacher on duty in the playground from 8.45 a.m. 

It is also important that you collect your child on time at the end of the day. Teachers often have to go to meetings and prepare work at 3:10pm and it is not fair to expect them to wait with your child until you arrive. If you collect your child after 3:45pm without a valid reason, the school will impose a fine of £10 per half hour.


Leaving school during the day

We are responsible for the children during the school day. They are not allowed to leave

school before 3.25pm unless they are collected by parents or another responsible adult,

and only for a valid reason. Children must be signed out via the main office before leaving.


Early Holidays / Holidays during term time

The school does NOT allow for parents to take their children out of school during term time. The school will not approve any early holidays or breaks during term time. However, if there is an emergency, the school may approve leave on the rare occasion.

Attendance and Holidays

If your child has to be away from school ~please let the school know the reason.

Regular attendance is important if a child is to benefit from the learning opportunities

offered at The Wisdom Academy. An average attendance of more than 96% is expected. This

allows for illness during the year and any other unavoidable absence, e.g. bereavement. All

other reasons for absence must be agreed with the head teacher in advance.

Unexplained absences and regular days absence are followed up daily by a phone call. The

Educational Social Worker may also visit parents at home. He always carries identification.

Please ask to see it, and remember – they are there to help.

In extreme circumstances it may be necessary for the local authority to take legal action

against parents who deprive their children of their entitlement to full time education by

condoning unnecessary absences.

Please ensure your child gets to school on time. School starts at 8.15am. If a child is later

than 9:00am they need to go to the office to ensure they are registered before they are sent to class.

Children who are regularly late will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer.

Family holidays

The school has a strict policy on holidays in term time.

NEVER book a holiday before requesting a holiday.

No pupil will be allowed to go on holiday in Year 2 or 6 prior to SATs. If a child goes on

holiday without permission or does not return on the given date they WILL lose their place

and go on the waiting list.


Fun Days

The school organises a number of fun days for the children at the school and their parents. These events are an informal way for parents / carers to meet and interact with their children’s teachers and other support staff. In the past, these fun days have proved to be very popular amongst the parents and children alike and have included activities such as cake decorating, hand decorating with hennah, face painting for the children and refreshments.


Reading Books

Books are a very important part of a child’s education.  It enables them to develop their reading and literacy skills as well as increasing their knowledge of the world around them. This enables them to build on their intellect and confidence.

Our school library aims to help both pupils who are struggling with reading and those who are keen readers but who need stimulation and challenge.

To create and sustain a successful reading culture requires significant commitment from the pupils as well as teachers and parents. Pupils’ reading is shared at home by using a reading logbook, which parents / guardians fill out once they have heard their child read.



ICT is challenging the lives of everyone.  Through teaching ICT, we equip children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology.  We enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information.  We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way.  We believe ICT skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.


 Homework Policy  

Homework is a very important part of a child’s education and can add much to a child’s development.  The government made clear its commitment to homework in the 1997 White Paper ‘Excellence in schools’, where homework was seen as ‘an essential part of good education’.  We recognise that the resources available limit the educational experience that any school by itself can provide; children benefit greatly therefore from the mutual support of parents and encouraging them to learn both at home and at school.  Indeed, we see homework as an important way of establishing a successful dialogue between teachers’ and parents.

One of the aims of our school is for children to develop as independent learners.  We believe that homework is one of the main ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning.


After School Clubs 

The school provides a variety of after school clubs, which normally run for the period of one hour after school. The following clubs are currently being run at the school:

  • Literacy Booster Classes
  • Numeracy Booster Classes
  • Quranic/Arabic Language Club
  • Cooking club
  • Archery
  • Gardening Club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Cricket Club
  • Knitting and Crochet club

We are always looking for volunteers and parents to help out in various clubs, if you spare some time between 3:25-4:15, we would love to hear from you.

Lunches and Break Times

An external caterer (independent to the school) has a contract with parents, whereby he supplies hot lunches for children at our school. If your child requires hot lunches, these have to be booked and paid for either one week prior or paid for the whole half term at the beginning of the half term.

Alternatively, parents are advised to arrange a packed lunch for their child. All packed lunches must be brought in a plastic container or lunch boxes with the child’s name clearly marked outside.  We do not allow children to eat sweets, chocolate bars and bubblegum as part of their packed lunch, although chocolate biscuits are accepted.  If you wish to provide your child with a drink, we recommend that it is not fizzy and must be brought in a plastic bottle or carton.

Children are allowed to go home during lunch break; however, this must be with parental supervision.  The lunch period is from 11.35 to 12.30 pm for Reception and KS1 (year 1-2) and 12:30 to 1:15 for KS2 (year 3-6). We are happy for the children to bring in a piece of fruit or similar for their break time snack.


Educational Visits 

Educational visits bring life to a subject that is being taught in the classroom.

Educational visits are planned as part of the school’s curriculum to suit the ages, aptitudes

and abilities of the children taking part. Through the visits we aim to broaden the

children’s experience with activities that develop their enthusiasm and enjoyment for



Learning support

Parents and teachers share a common interest and purpose to ensure that children continue to make progress.  Most problems, when they arise can be dealt with by co-operation between home and school.

However, some children may require learning support due to behavioural, emotional or learning related difficulties, which may further require further investigation.  The school will involve the parents as soon as possible and discussions will take place to ascertain the best course of action to be taken.  Often early intervention will enable the child to make sufficient progress so that no further action will be required.



Assemblies are a very important part of our school.  They contribute to the individuals personal development as well as the social and moral values underpinned by Islamic teachings, which we consider part of the school ethos.  The Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher, and other staff members will conduct assemblies every Monday morning.

Pupils are also encouraged to contribute to school assemblies individually and in groups.


Complaints Procedure

There is an agreed procedure set down by the Local Education Authority for dealing with any complaints about the school and other related issues.  A copy of the complaints procedure is available from the school.  It is hoped that any complaints would be first solved informally and taken to the head teacher.  The complaints procedure exists for those parents who also wish to pursue a complaint through more formal channels.

The procedure provides that:

  • There should normally be an informal preliminary discussion with the Head Teacher or other appropriate school staff to see if your complaint can be resolved without recourse to the formal procedures;
  • Only if an informal complaint fails to resolve the matter, a formal complaint should be made to the head teacher. This complaint must be made in writing, stating the nature of the complaint and how the school has handled it so far. The parent should send this written complaint to the head teacher.
  • The head teacher will then follow the procedures and steps that  

No. of Official Complaints made last year 2018-19 : NIL


SATs results from last Year: 2019

Last year pupils completed end of year tests and SATs. Of those children who participated in the exams.

Results to be published here


January 2021


Our Vision: To create a stimulating environment for children to learn and grow in confidence, where children love to read, take an active part in bettering our community, based upon strong Islamic values.


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