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Lunch Box Ideas

Healthy Doesn't Have To Be Boring...

Lunch Box Ideas

Green Foods = Ok all of the time Amber Foods


Red Foods = Never
Fruit and Vegetables

ä  Vegetable Sticks

ä  Salad (e.g. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot)

ä  Fresh Fruit (whole piece, slices, fruit salad)

ä  Dried Fruit

ä  Tinned Fruit in juice


ä  Breadwholemeal, 50:50

ä  Other breadsPitta,  English Muffin, Chapatti, Roti, Tortilla Wrap

ä  Pasta (e.g. pasta salad, leftover pasta bake)

ä  Rice

ä  Cous cous salad

ä  Plain Crackers and Crispbreads


ä  Cold Cooked Meatplain, marinated

ä  Tinned Fish

Ideas for Sandwich Fillings – GREEN FOOD

ä Tuna and sweetcorn / cucumber

ä chicken/meat, tomato and lettuce

ä Cheese, tomato / cucumber

ä Egg and cucumber

ä Tikka Chicken and salad

ä Cream cheese and tomato

ä  Egg

ä  Houmous                        

ä Bean Salad


ä  Cheese, cheese spread, cream cheese

ä  Yoghurt or Fromage Frais

Plain/Fruit flavour

ä  Dairylea LunchablesDairylea Dunkers


ä  Water , plain milk, squash (lunch only),

100% fruit juice (lunch only)


Thursday lunch only

Savoury Foods

äPizza slice homemade/

supermarket (add extra vegetables)

ä  Home made burgers

ä  Pastries and Pasties

Cheese and onion slice, Sausage Roll, Samosa

Friday snack/break time

ä  Malt loaf, small un-iced cake, plain fairy cake, date cake, plain biscuits

ä Cereal bars

ä Baked crisps

ä Kellog’s Winders, Bear Fruit Roll





Savoury Foods

ä  Chips / Fries

ä  Hot or Cold Takeaway Food

ä  Crisps (including mini cheddars)


Sweet Foods

ä  Chocolate Bars

ä  Chocolate spread

ä  Jam

ä  Chocolate yoghurts and mousse

ä  Sweets

ä  Chocolate covered biscuits and cereal bars

ä  Large iced cakes

ä  Biscuits other than plain biscuits




ä  Fizzy drinksincluding diet ones

ä  Full sugar juice drinks – Capri Sun, Ribena, Rubicon etc (they often have as little as 6% fruit in them)

ä  Energy drinks – Lucozade, Red Bull, Monster, LSV etc







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