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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure


There is an agreed procedure set down by the Local Education Authority for dealing with any complaints about the school and other related issues. A copy of the complaints procedure is available from school. It is hoped that any complaints would be first solved informally and taken to the head teacher. The complaints procedure exists for those parents who also wish to pursue a complaint through more formal channels.

The procedure provides that:

• There should normally be an informal preliminary discussion with the Head Teacher or other appropriate school staff to see if your complaint can be resolved without recourse to the formal procedures;

• Only if an informal complaint fails to resolve the matter, a formal complaint should be made to the head teacher. This complaint must be made in writing, stating the nature of the complaint and how the school has handled it so far. The parent should send this written complaint to the head teacher.

• The head teacher will then follow the procedures and steps that

No. of Official Complaints made last year : NIL


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